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Other Conveyancing Services

Norrie Waite & Slater offesr a full range of conveyancing services. As well as the common transactions such as buying and selling residential property, we also handle remortgages, transfers of equity, buying your freehold and commercial property transactions, as well as many others.

Please contact us for a quote for any property or land transaction or see below for further details.

Commercial Property

Our highly experienced commercial property team assist property investors, developers and businesses in all kinds of property transactions.

We offer a wide range of commercial property services, including:

  • Commercial leases – acting for either Landlord or Tenant
  • Purchase and sale of business properties
  • Property development
  • Estate development
  • Property investment (residential or commercial)
  • Partnership property
  • Bank and security work

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Buying your Freehold

When you live in a leasehold property you have to pay annual ground rent to your landlord. Many leases also include restrictive clauses which mean that if you want to carry out certain alterations to the property,  such as installing a satellite dish or building an extension, you often need to obtain the landlords written consent, usually incurring a consent fee.

If you own a leasehold property you may be entitled to purchase the freehold to your property, if certain criteria are met.

There are potential benefits to owning your freehold, including:

  • No longer having to pay annual ground rent to your landlord
  • You will not have to apply for landlords consent to make certain changes to your property- giving you more control over what you can do with the property

Under certain circumstances, owners of flats can also get together to buy the freehold of their building. This is known as collective enfranchisement.

We can handle all the legal aspects of buying your freehold. Contact us for more information or to obtain a quote.

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Transfer of Equity

A transfer of equity is simply a transfer in share of a property. It often involves someone being removed from or added to the ownership of a property.

The most common reason for transferring equity is when a couple divorce or separate, and the property is transferred to a single party as part of the divorce settlement. Transfers of equity can also take place for a number of other reasons, such as marriage.

In all cases you will need an experienced lawyer to handle the legal work. Please contact us for more information or to obtain a quote.

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Our No Hidden Costs Conveyancing Quote Policy

If shopping around for conveyancing quotes, you will find that some companies quote what appears to be a low price but leave essential elements out. This makes their price look more attractive.

We never disguise costs in this way; we will always give you an honest and inclusive quote.

When obtaining quotes, always ask for a fully inclusive written quote to enable you to compare like for like. We will always offer you a quote in writing by email or post and we are confident that you will find our overall fees highly competitive.

Some examples of hidden costs to look out for are:

  • Additional fees for leasehold properties (many properties in Rotherham are leasehold)
  • Fees for completing standard forms, for example the Stamp Duty Land Tax form
  • Standard expenses such as the Land Registry fee, which is always payable
  • Charges for dealing with mortgage lenders

Contact us for a quote, you will find our fees clear and competitive and our staff helpful and professional.